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A must-see, family-friendly and relaxing chalet, Chalet Moréa is new for 2022


This chalet is a must for families wishing to adopt a trendy accommodation for their holidays.

We wanted to offer you a new type of mobile home that could be fully integrated into our campsite. To do this, we have selected several options, which in the end allow us to offer you a superb chalet for your well-being! This selection was made in collaboration with several partners in charge of the management of the site, because as already mentioned, the campsite is located in a classified site!


Camping glamping. The Safari lodge is luxury camping.


The Safari lodge is an unusual accommodation. With its round wooden frames, inner tent and sand-coloured roof, this tent blends in well with the natural surroundings of the campsite and has an irresistible appeal to those seeking peace and quiet.

This safari tent is solid, generous and welcoming. The interior is handcrafted, comfortable and robust. You will find everything you need for a pleasant stay: a large fridge, a 4-burner gas hob, a coffee maker… Everything is provided!


Safari Lodge for 4 or 5 people: The ideal base for adventurers


Generously sized accommodation for four or five people. The ideal base for discovery tours. But also the place where you can bivouac for a whole day with a book and a good glass of wine.

With the Safari Lodge, you don’t have to choose between luxury and well-being.

The waterfront lodge, new in 2023!


This wooden lodge is definitely atypical! Sitting on the terrace, whether at dawn or dusk, it will make the eyes of campers looking for a new way to stay at the campsite sparkle! It offers just the basics, a bed, but offers a different vision of camping.

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect place to bivouac for one or more nights by the water!

The wooden hut: an unusual accommodation


The ideal place to stay for nomads, the wooden hut is a hut in name only!

Made of raw wood, this hut is a mini accommodation and it fits perfectly into the natural setting of the campsite. Its interior is charming, peaceful, harmonious but not frilly. Its small terrace area invites you to relax and observe the surrounding nature. The interior is handcrafted, cosy and robust. You will find everything you need for a pleasant stay.


The squirrel hut (photo to come)


Another unusual accommodation, but this time in a high place! And this is also new in 2023!

Just need to sleep at the campsite but still want a different experience? Try the squirrel hut!


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